We have two firms of solicitors who provide regular free legal clinics where they

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Discuss whether you need to ask the court for any specific orders
  • advise you on how to proceed

It is not easy to get legal aid in Contact Arrangement Issues but we will work with you and the solicitor to reduce cost as much as possible, or to help you represent yourself if necessary.


McKenzie Friend:

We have workers who are trained to accompany you to court and to sit in on proceedings. These cannot be legal advisers but their help and support can be very beneficial if you are having to represent yourself in these matters (Litigant in person


We are very aware that for many of those victimised by an abusive partner the abuse does not end when they separate.

Abuser will continue to maintain power and control through a variety of ways depending on the type of abuser they are or the situation surrounding the relationship. But for many one of the main ways will be via Child Contact.

The Family Courts work on the premise that all children will benefit from ongoing contact with the absent parent and that safe contact needs to take priority over any other issue. For many of you this will be difficult to accept, and not at all what you want to happen. We can help you to prepare a case that will

  • give you the chance to have your say
  • assist you to get the best result you can,
  • include acknowledgement of any safeguarding issues.